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75 licensed taxis and PHVs checked during joint roadside operation  in Kingswood and Bristol

Image credit: Avon & Somerset Police Roads

Officers from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and South Gloucestershire Council joined forces with Avon and Somerset Constabulary, including their Taxi Compliance Officer, for a series of roadside checks in Kingswood and Bristol this past Saturday.

The operation, part of a broader initiative to ensure the safety and legality of taxis operating in the area, saw a total of 75 taxi drivers stopped and inspected. According to a spokesperson from the Avon and Somerset Police Roads Unit, the majority of the taxis checked were found to be safe and legally compliant, indicating a high level of adherence to regulations among local drivers.

Despite the generally positive outcome, the checks did uncover 7 minor issues. The nature of these issues was not specified.

The operation demonstrates the commitment of Avon and Somerset Police and their partners to maintaining high standards of road safety, particularly in the taxi sector.

An Avon and Somerset Police Roads Unit spokesperson said: “Its not just Roads Policing working on road safety.

“On Saturday officers from DVSA and South Gloucestershire Councił joined Avon & Somerset Constabulary and their Taxi Compliance Officer to conduct roadside checks in Kingswood & Bristol.

“75 taxi drivers stopped with majority safe and legal, only 7 minor issues found.”


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