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Eight points and fine issued to Birmingham minicab driver caught TWICE illegally plying for hire

A Birmingham City licensed private hire driver has been issued with eight penalty points on his driving licence and ordered to pay a fine and court costs totalling £500.

The successful prosecution was highlighted by Birmingham Taxi & Private Hire Police after the council's licensing team took the unnamed offender to court.

It was also confirmed during the council's investigations into an illegal ply for hire charge, that the offender had failed to inform the licensing authority of a previous charge of the same offence.

Private hire drivers are only allowed to pick up fares that have been pre-booked through a licensed operator. Accepting a fare that hasn't gone through this strict procedure is considered "illegally plying for hire" which is an offence in the UK.

Any person caught breaking the law in this way could face a maximum of eight points issued to their licence and ordered to pay a fine of anywhere up to £1,000.

Image credit: Pixabay


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