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999: Police hit out at caller who wanted A TAXI HOME

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Police have hit out at a caller who phoned the UK's emergency number 999 asking if they could offer a taxi service home.

Call centre workers for West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre, were left astonished when the received a call from someone who asked for "a lift home".

Using social media to highlight the call to the emergency only number, a spokesperson for the Contact Management Centre said: "You can't ring 999 for a lift home. We aren't a taxi service. #Not999."

TaxiPoint recently reported on another incident where a 999 call was received at the same West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre, from a member of the public who said they needed support from the police because they couldn't afford a taxi to the train station.

According to the call handler, the person had missed their flight and was trying to take the train instead. Not having the funds to travel to the station, the 999 call was made.


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