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A Glasgow private hire driver who clocked 100mph granted licence despite Police Scotland concerns

A minicab driver who was fined for exceeding 100mph and had a previous speeding conviction has been granted a private hire car (PHC) licence by Glasgow City Council.

The driver's application for a three-year licence was granted for a restricted period of one year, despite objections from Police Scotland. Glasgow's licensing committee warned the driver over his future behaviour, following his second speeding conviction.

In June last year, the PHC driver was accused of driving a motor vehicle dangerously, travelling at speeds exceeding 100mph, and failing to maintain control of his vehicle. He was also found to have failed to maintain a safe braking distance from another vehicle.

The Glasgow licensed driver was found guilty in June 2023, fined £720 and his licence was endorsed with six points.

The minicab driver has accumulated nine points after a previous speeding incident in 2021, where he drove at 60mph in a 50mph zone. During the hearing, he expressed his regret for his actions, admitting there was "no excuse". He attributed his speeding to running late for work at a rental car firm.

Despite concerns raised by Police Scotland, the licensing committee granted a PHC licence for a limited period after he gave assurances about his conduct on the road.

However, the decision has raised criticism from some quarters, who argue that individuals with a history of dangerous driving should be more carefully considered before being granted a PHC licence.


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