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A minicab driver was found ASLEEP and DRUNK by police officers in the middle lane of the M4 MOTORWAY

Image credit: Thames Valley Police Roads

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver was found ASLEEP and DRUNK at the wheel whilst in the middle lane of a busy MOTORWAY.

Police officers from Thames Valley Police attended the scene after reports of a broken down vehicle on the M4 Motorway near Maidenhead.

When they attended the scene they found a driver of a ‘taxi’, although in images shared the silver Toyota Prius was seen to be a PHV, asleep in the driver's seat.

After conducting road side tests the driver was found to be nearly three times over the legal drink-driver limit.

The PHV driver later failed to provide further evidence whilst in custody and was arrested.

Thames Valley Road Policing said via social media: “Reports of a broken down taxi, stationary in a live lane in the early hours.

“Officers attend, driver is asleep at the wheel and drunk. Blew 95 at the roadside and was arrested. Later failed to provide in custody, charged.”


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