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Aberdeen airport taxi drivers strike over £7 customer charge

Taxi services at Aberdeen International Airport are facing disruption after dozens of drivers downed tools in protest over a new £7 customer charge.

The self-employed drivers previously paid a set fee of around £200 per week for access to the airport rank, along with a £5 surcharge passed onto all customers. However, the new system implemented by the airport replaces this with a £7 fee directly added to the taxi meter fare.

This change has angered drivers, who argue it unfairly burdens passengers with an extra cost.

Around 60 drivers are involved in the strike, which began after talks with the airport broke down. One of those drivers striking, Gus McDonald, told BBC Scotland the charge is "extortionate" and makes them feel like "debt collectors" for the airport.

Aberdeen International Airport has acknowledged the dispute and assured passengers they have plans to minimise disruption. However, they advise travellers to be prepared for longer taxi queues than usual.


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