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Aberdeen International Airport raises Express Drop-off fees for internal taxis to £5

Aberdeen International Airport has announced a more than twofold increase in the Express Drop-off fees for internal taxi drivers.

The new fee structure, effective from today, sees the cost for accessing the areas directly outside the main terminal building in the upper forecourt rise to £5 per visit, up from the previous £2.

This revision means that all drivers, including internal and external taxi operators, will now be charged £5 for using the Express Drop-off area for up to 15 minutes.

The airport's spokesperson, as reported by The P&J, stated that these changes are aimed at aligning the fees for the airport's internal taxi fleet with those of external taxi companies.

The spokesperson added: “We are also working with taxi drivers in our fleet to provide more flexibility for drivers.”

For drivers needing to use parking facilities for more than 15 minutes, the airport advises using the Short Stay car park. It's important to note that staying longer than 15 minutes in the Express Drop-off area will incur a premium charge upon exit.

In an effort to streamline the payment process, the payment for the Express Drop-off can be made at the forecourt exit barrier using credit/debit cards, including contactless payment options.


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