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ACCESS ALL AREAS: City of London Councillor launches CAB campaign for taxi access at Bank Junction

In a bid to restore taxi access to Bank Junction, Councillor James Thomson from Walbrook Ward has spearheaded the launch of the CAB (Cabs Across Bank) campaign.

Calling for fresh evidence, the campaign aims to grant licensed Hackney Carriages unrestricted access across Bank Junction and other currently restricted streets in the City of London.

The newly unveiled campaign website states: "CAB believes that Licensed Hackney Carriages should be able to go where buses go, including the use of bus lanes and other routes authorised by Transport for London, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – 24/7/365."

CAB also envisions similar restrictions being lifted in other areas across the capital, emphasising the significance of Black Cabs within London's public transport system. The campaign highlights the following reasons for lifting the restrictions:

Accessibility: Lifting restrictions would ensure access for individuals with mobility challenges, making London more inclusive and accommodating.

Safety: Allowing Black Cabs to operate across London at all hours would enhance safety, particularly for women and vulnerable users, as they rely on the well-regarded reliability and trustworthiness of Black Cabs.

Tourism and Hospitality: Black Cabs have gained global recognition for their safety and are trusted by tourists visiting London. Lifting restrictions would further contribute to the tourism and hospitality sector.

Business Support: Black Cabs are relied upon by businesses for their fast and readily available transport services. Their presence in the City of London and Central London plays a significant role in attracting companies to establish offices in the area.

Moreover, Black Cabs have made substantial progress towards becoming zero-emission capable (ZEC), with over half of the fleet now operating as electric vehicles, offering an environmentally friendly alternative for transportation.

The campaign leaders are actively seeking support from the public and passengers alike.

Individuals are encouraged to email to provide evidence and opinions on the matter.

As the CAB campaign gains momentum, it remains to be seen how the City of London and Transport for London will respond to the call for evidence, and if taxi access to Bank Junction will be restored to the delight of black cab passengers across the city.


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