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ACCESS GRANTED: City of London to trial Cheapside taxi exemption

The City of London has announced a new experimental traffic order that will allow taxis to be exempt from a point traffic restriction on Cheapside, by Bread Street.

The decision was made following careful considerations and approval from the City's Streets & Walkways Committee.

A spokesperson from the London Cab Ranks Committee expressed their enthusiasm for the trial, stating: "We are pleased to see the City of London taking steps to improve traffic flow and accessibility for taxis. This trial will offer valuable insights regarding the impact of exempting taxis from the traffic restriction, ultimately benefiting both drivers and passengers."

The trial is scheduled to commence on 6 November 2023 and will serve as a temporary measure to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of allowing taxis to travel through Cheapside without being subject to the current traffic limitation.

Cheapside, a well-known and bustling street in London that feeds into Bank Junction, frequently experiences heavy traffic congestion. The point traffic restriction has caused inconvenience for both taxi drivers and passengers alike, resulting in longer journey times and increased costs.

A London Cab Ranks Committee spokesperson said: “City of London announce the introduction of a new experimental traffic order to trial taxis being exempt from the point traffic restriction on Cheapside, by Bread Street.

“This trial, which will begin on 6th November 2023, it was approved at the City's Streets & Walkways Committee.”


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