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Addison Lee accelerates towards sustainability with 600 new hybrid vehicles

Image credit: Addison Lee

Addison Lee, one of London's biggest private hire and taxi firms, has announced the addition of 600 Volkswagen Multivan hybrid vehicles to its expansive fleet.

The strategic update is set to phase out the diesel people carriers currently in operation, marking a significant leap towards the company's ambitious sustainability goals.

The acquisition of the Volkswagen Multivans represents a critical component of Addison Lee's broader strategy to modernise and green its service offerings. These new vehicles join a fleet line-up that includes 1,000 all-electric Volkswagen ID.4s and 400 Audi A6s, known for their low emissions. This expansion is seen as a proactive approach in adopting cleaner, more sustainable transportation solutions without compromising on the service its customers have come to expect.

The choice of the Volkswagen Multivan as the latest addition to the Addison Lee fleet was driven by several key factors. Notably, the Multivan's hybrid powertrain stands out for its low emissions, aligning perfectly with Addison Lee's environmental aspirations. Moreover, the vehicle offers premium versatility and comfort, accommodating up to six passengers, thereby ensuring that sustainability does not come at the expense of passenger experience.

Addison Lee's pivot to a more eco-friendly fleet is not just a response to the increasing demand for sustainable transport options among Londoners but also a reflection of the company's dedication to playing a pivotal role in the city's transition to cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions. The firm has set an ambitious target for itself, aiming to operate a fleet that is entirely zero emission-capable by Spring 2024.

Addison Lee CEO, Liam Griffin, said: “As the first private hire operator in the capital to introduce electric vehicles at scale, we remain committed to enhancing our fleet and supporting our customers with their net zero journeys.

“Our investment in the Multivans not only provides our passengers with a sustainable version of the iconic vehicles we have always been known for, but reflects our commitment to electrification, with our entire standard fleet set to be zero emission capable by Spring 2024.”

Craig Cavanagh, National Fleet Manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “The Volkswagen Multivan is one of the few vehicles on the market that combines true space for up to six passengers with premium, durable quality. Hybrid powertrains ensure the vehicles can be used in low-emission areas, without hitting the bottom line of a company’s tax liability.”


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