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Addison Lee bolsters sustainability commitment with Green Tomato Cars acquisition

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Image credit: Addison Lee

Addison Lee has announced its latest acquisition of Green Tomato Cars, a leading private hire vehicle (PHV) service known for its sustainability practices. This strategic partnership will reinforce Addison Lee's commitment to sustainability and help its customers achieve their net-zero targets.

Green Tomato Cars, a London-based company, has been at the forefront of the industry's sustainability efforts for the past decade. With their expertise and focus on eco-friendly transportation, they have successfully incorporated over 1,000 electric vehicles into their fleet. This aligns with Addison Lee's pledge in November 2021 to transition its standard fleet to electric vehicles.

Together, Addison Lee and Green Tomato Cars boast a combined century of experience operating within London. This acquisition not only strengthens Addison Lee's position in the market, but also includes the integration of executive car providers, Brunel and Travelhire.

The investment follows Addison Lee's successful financial results for 2022 and their previous acquisition of ComCab London in July 2021. This previous acquisition allowed Addison Lee customers to access various services through a unified platform. With the addition of Green Tomato Cars, Addison Lee now operates a fleet of over 7,500 vehicles.

By combining the expertise of both companies, Addison Lee hope to further enhance its sustainability initiatives and offer customers a greener alternative for their transportation needs.

Addison Lee’s CEO, Liam Griffin, said: “I’m pleased to see Addison Lee unite these great London companies with shared values focused on quality, reliability, and sustainability. The London private hire market is thriving, and this acquisition supports our growth and ability to meet every Londoner’s transport needs.

“With London businesses now wanting their employees back in the office more frequently, demand for corporate travel is increasing. And as London’s economy continues to bounce back, Addison Lee is in a stronger position than ever to offer safe, quality, and sustainable transport services.”


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