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Addison Lee drivers set for Worker Rights case to be heard next month

Drivers for Addison Lee are poised to make their case before the Employment Tribunal on 18 March, seeking a landmark decision on compensation owed to them for years of what they claim to be unfair treatment.

This case, initiated by the GMB Union and spearheaded by legal firm Leigh Day on behalf of Mr. Lange and two other drivers, represents the culmination of more than seven years of work striving for equitable compensation.

The dispute traces its roots back to a 2017 ruling that reclassified Addison Lee drivers from "self-employed independent contractors" to "workers", a distinction that carries profound implications for employment rights in the gig economy. This landmark decision, subsequently upheld by both the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Appeal, recognised drivers' entitlements to a range of fundamental labour protections, including the right to minimum wage, holiday pay, and safeguarding against unjust deductions from their earnings.

Addison Lee has steadfastly contested the claims, maintaining its defence against compensating its drivers for the wages and benefits they allege were unjustly withheld. The forthcoming hearing for Mr. Lange, alongside Mr. Morahan and Mr. Olszewski, could be critical establishing a precedent that may affect hundreds of other drivers with similar grievances against the company, whose cases are slated for review later in the year.

Steve Garelick, GMB Organiser, said: "For seven years, Addison Lee has dragged its feet, denying our members the basic rights they deserve.

"This hearing is about securing long-overdue justice for drivers like Mr. Lange who were misclassified and exploited.

“We expect the tribunal to ensure fair compensation for all affected drivers.

“However GMB urges Addison Lee to settle with drivers and avoid further unnecessary legal action.”

Mark Morahan, GMB Union Member and claimant, said: "I worked long hours for Addison Lee and now have a terminal illness and the continued attempts to delay this case by Addison Lee have not helped my declining health.”


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