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Addison Lee invests £30 million in 600 new electric VW Multivans to accelerate fleet electrification

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Image credit: Addison Lee

London private hire and taxi firm, Addison Lee, has committed to a greener future by announcing a £30 million investment in 600 new zero-emission capable (ZEC) VW multivans.

The move is part of the company's ongoing commitment to electrification and represents a major milestone in its efforts to create a fully sustainable fleet.

With these new vehicles, Addison Lee aims to replace all remaining diesel people carriers on its fleet, ensuring that the entire standard passenger fleet will be zero-emission capable by April 2024.

Having already incorporated over 1,000 fully electric ID.4s into its fleet, Addison Lee has demonstrated a strong dedication to sustainable transport solutions. The company has not only invested in acquiring these eco-friendly vehicles but has also actively worked towards enhancing London's EV infrastructure, providing reliable charging options for its drivers.

As part of its commitment to expanding the charging network, Addison Lee has forged strategic partnerships with prominent industry players, including bp pulse, ChargePoint, and Bonnet. Moreover, the company has invested £150,000 to install ultra-rapid charging points at its West Drayton fleet hub, ensuring convenient charging facilities for its electric vehicle fleet.

Addison Lee CEO Liam Griffin says: “For nearly 50 years, we’ve been providing our customers with the highest levels of service and comfort. And following the pandemic, we have established ourselves back at the forefront of the industry in London - raising the bar for quality, sustainability and choice.

“Today, our focus is on enhancing our fleet and investing in the capital’s charging infrastructure, so we continue to lead the industry on sustainability while supporting our customers with their net zero journeys.”

“As the first private hire operator in London to introduce electric vehicles at scale, we remain committed to operating a zero emissions fleet. However, our experience has since shown us that we need to be pragmatic about how we achieve this.

“Right now, there is neither the availability of vehicles nor robust enough charging infrastructure in London to go fully electric at speed and scale. That’s why we’re investing today in a broader range of sustainable options to meet current demand from passengers - while remaining committed to our long-term goal of full electrification.

“It’s critical that we have both the right infrastructure and regulation in place to allow us to achieve this. That’s why we’re asking the Mayor of London to reconsider his plans to abolish the congestion charge exemption for electric vehicles. Removing this vital incentive will make it more costly to operate electric vehicles in the capital and jeopardise his net zero 2030 ambition for the city.”


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