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Addison Lee settles with drivers to end long running Workers’ Rights clash

Three Addison Lee drivers have reached an out of court settlement with the company, marking a pivotal moment in their long struggle for workers' rights, including entitlements to holiday pay and minimum wage.

Th resolution follows a landmark ruling by the Employment Tribunal in 2017, which was subsequently upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in 2018 and the Court of Appeal in 2021, affirming that Addison Lee drivers are to be classified as workers.

Originally brought forward by just three drivers, the claim has since swelled, with over 600 drivers now represented by the law firm Leigh Day. Despite the settlement, Addison Lee maintains its stance that the 2017 judgment does not extend to the additional claimants who have since come forward with similar claims.

A critical hearing is scheduled for October and November 2024, which aims to ascertain whether the remaining claimants qualify as workers and are then eligible for associated rights.

Liana Wood, Leigh Day Employment Team Solicitor, said: "This settlement is yet another blow to big firms operating in the gig economy. 

“It is a reminder that companies cannot ignore their legal obligations and must treat their workers fairly." 

Steve Garelick, GMB Organiser, said: "For seven years, GMB has stood alongside our members in this fight for justice. 

“We are proud to have played a role in securing this outcome, which ensures that Addison Lee will pay drivers the millions they are owed. 

“We urge other companies to learn from this case and ensure their workers are treated fairly.” 


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