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Advice given to ignore the ‘Doom and Gloom’ as taxi industry enters challenging 'Kipper Season'

Taxi industry representatives give advice to ignore the ‘Doom and Gloom’ as taxi industry enters the challenging 'Kipper Season'

The taxi industry entered its annual 'Kipper season', a period typically spanning the first few months of the year, known for a significant downturn in business. This seasonal slump is a recurring challenge for cab drivers across the city, affecting their workflow and income.

Lloyd Baldwin, Executive S.O. at the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), shared his perspective on the difficult time of year and urged others to ignore disgruntled cabbies on social media. Despite his personal dislike for this period, Baldwin noted that the reality of the 'Kipper season' often isn't as bleak as anticipated.

Baldwin said: “The dreaded Kipper season is upon us. I personally have always hated this time of year. Every year I wish I had worked a bit harder at the back end of the year before, yet thinking about it, the reality for me is that they were generally not as bad as I feared.

“Yes, the first couple of weeks in January are very slow and it's nowhere near as busy as I would like it, but I personally find Easter to be a much more difficult period. I have always maintained that they are the worst two weeks of the year.

“The Kipper is also feeding time for the Doom and Gloom merchants, who will no doubt be all over social media running down the trade and implying if cabbies only listened to them, then we would all be ok. Do your best to ignore them.

“I do wonder sometimes where these cabbies are coming from. I mean what is the point of telling everyone how bad it is? None of us enjoy the kipper and we don’t need it shoved down our throats. As I say, it’s the D and G mob's favourite time of year, so give them a wide birth and get through as best as you can.”


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