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All Carlise taxi vehicle collisions must be reported to the licensing authority no matter how minor

Image credit: Pixabay

If a taxi or private hire vehicle is involved in an accident/road traffic collision, the driver must inform his licensing authority as soon as possible, says a report by Carlisle Council.

No matter how minor the incident may be, or how insignificant the driver may think it is, all licensed drivers are expected to fill in an accident report form within 72 hours.

Following any accident or damage to a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle licensed by Carlisle Council, where a driver or operator intends to continue the use of the vehicle, it must first undergo a safety inspection by an authorised council officer to determine its fitness for continued use.

If the vehicle is found to not comply with the minimum safety requirements, it will be automatically suspended until such time as the vehicle has been re-examined and the necessary approval given.

If a driver fails to comply with such requirements, he/she could face automatic suspension of their taxi/private hire licence, which could eventually result in the revocation of the respective licence.


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