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ALL CHARGED UP: New Welsh red and black Dynamo ‘eco taxis’ ready for cabbie trials

Image credit: John Heath (Twitter)

New electric taxis set for Wales have been unveiled as cabbies will soon be handed the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’.

Last month the Cardiff City Region (CCR) Regional Transport Authority announced they placed an order for FIFTY electric Nissan Dynamo taxis to allow cabbies in the area to trial the vehicles.

In May 2020 Welsh Government (WG) awarded the Region nearly £1.3million from its Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Transformation Fund to deliver initiatives intended to assist WG to transform the network to ULEV and help reach their targets of zero emissions from buses and taxis by 2028.

In photos shared by officials at Dynamo Motor Company, the new distinctive red and black ‘eco taxi’ vehicles where unveiled for the first time.

John Heath, Market Development Manager at Dynamo Motor Company, shared photos of the Welsh taxis saying: “Part of the delivery going to North and South Wales sponsored by the Welsh Government for the drivers to try before they buy.”

As part of the scheme the Nissan Dynamo taxis will allow taxi drivers/operators the opportunity to try the cabs for one month per driver.

The scheme will run over a 3 year period. The intention is to purchase 34 of these taxis before the end of March 2021, with a further 10 vehicles being supplied in early April. 6 of these vehicles will be purchased for use in Denbighshire and Pembrokeshire, and the other 44, to be kept within the CCR. It is expected that the scheme will be operational late June/early July.


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