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Alleged Uber driver refuses to transport guide dog leaving man and his daughter stranded roadside

Image credit: Twitter - @Telb1

A man has claimed that he was refused entry to an Uber after the driver saw he was travelling with a guide dog.

The alleged incident was filmed by Terry, who had ordered an Uber to take him, his daughter, and his guide dog home after going shopping.

Terry, speaking exclusively to TaxiPoint, said he was able to record part of the incident on his mobile phone.

The footage shows the driver of a London licensed private hire vehicle, alleged to be working on the Uber ride-sharing app, driving off having not accepted the fare.

Terry said he had asked the driver if he had an exemption certificate which would allow him to turn down the transportation of a guide dog, but the driver was unable to provide one.

Terry said this is not the first time such an incident has happened when ordering an Uber. He said on a number of occasions when he had informed drivers in advance that he was travelling with a guide dog, the fare would be cancelled by the driver.

Image credit:Twitter-@Telb1

On each occasion Uber had said there would be an internal investigation, but Terry says he heard nothing more from them on the incidents.

Terry then decided that his best chance of getting an Uber, was to not inform the driver in advance and hope on arrival they would be fine with transporting a guide dog.

On this latest occasion the driver refused them entry.

Speaking to TaxiPoint, Terry said: “It is frustrating and infuriating when we have to wait for the driver to cancel the job or we as customers are charged, and sometimes they hold onto that for a while, which delays us getting another driver to pick us up.

”I have been stranded on my own with my guide dog on a cold winters night. It should’ve been a ten minute drive, but ended up over an hours walk home.”


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