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Amazing moment taxi driver takes fare dodgers to their parents’ house to collect fare owed 

A popular taxi driver from Liverpool, known as Kev's Cab, has shared the amazing moment he took two fare dodgers to their parents' house when they refused to pay for a journey.

The footage was posted online and watched by thousands, with many agreeing with the lengths he went to to get paid.

Kev was left outraged when two passengers - a man and woman - tried to make off without paying for their £46 fare, after their friend left.

The video footage shows Kev flagging down a passing police van and telling the officers: "£46 on the clock and they haven't paid me. They're going round the shop and god knows what, there was three of them but one's f***ed off - excuse the language.

"I didn't want to blow them up but I've got a family to feed, I don't want to be a grass but I want my money."

Kev, accompanied by the police, then took the passengers to their parents' house to collect the money he was owed. Kev said he is just trying to make an honest living and was fuming by what happened.

Comments on the video poured in, with one viewer saying: "That's horrible that, Kev. I've never heard you swear so much. 40 quid is a lot of money, and I'm glad you managed to keep your cool and sort it out."

Another said: "This is pure gold."

But not everyone was completely in agreement with Kev's decision to involve the police, with one viewer saying: "It is wrong what people can do to you but I would never go to the police mate, just makes things worse. Just deal with the problem yourself or get someone to help you that you know mate or glad you got your money."

Image credit: YouTube - Kev's Cab Liverpool


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