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Angry Slough resident wants Bath Road lay-by removed due to taxi drivers urinating on lawn

An irate Slough resident has submitted a petition to remove a lay-by on the busy A4 Bath Road because they say taxi drivers URINATE on lawns and drop litter outside the houses.

The petition was submitted to Buckinghamshire Council on Tuesday and runs for a four-week period.

The angry resident claims to have caught ‘several taxi drivers’ using the parking spot as a ‘bathroom break’. Lorry drivers were also accused of creating ‘unnecessary disturbances’ at the same spot.

The petition reads: “My parents are residents on Bath Road, SL6 0PB and the purpose of this petition is to remove the lay bay parking as this has been an ongoing nuisance and will continue to do so unless action is taken today.

“On numerous occasions, lorries park there day and night and cause unnecessary disturbances - the loud noises as they park there overnight or during the day so that the driver can get rest. There have been a few occasions where lorries have blocked our driveway.

“We have caught several taxi drivers who use this as a 'bathroom break' point and urinate on our lawn outside my parent's house. Drivers litter here also. This is unacceptable. Our neighbour at 709 has experienced similar problems.

“This is bizarre as this is the only point along Bath Road that has lay by parking.

“I would like the council to look into this and request residents along the lay-by parking area to sign this petition and have this lay-by parking removed.”

After day one, nobody is yet to sign the petition.


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