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‘ANTI-COMPETITIVE’: Local resident launches petition to bring Uber to Reading following council snub

A local resident in Reading has launched an online petition to get ride-hail giants Uber licensed in the city.

Uber failed to obtain an operator's licence back in 2016 after concerns over its demand were tabled by Reading Borough Council’s licensing application sub-committee.

One resident who has recently moved to the area, Gemma Beetlestone, called the lack of licensing ‘anti-competitive’ and called for more choice.

Despite the lack of licence in the city, Uber vehicles can still be ordered in Reading via the app. Drivers licensed in authorities that have licensed Uber as an operator can take the booking.

Beetlestone said: “Reading Council has banned Uber from operating to protect the business of local taxi drivers.

“I suggest this is going against anti-competitive laws and we, as the residents of Reading, should have a choice as to which taxi firm we use.

“Uber is the most convenient, reliable and safe option in my view and there is no local alternative that offers the same level of customer service. I have tried Ola and Free Now apps and they have both let me down. I have heard similar experiences from other residents in Reading. “If you feel the same, I would ask you to please sign this petition in order to challenge the council and allow the residents of Reading the freedom of choice.”

Six days on since the petition was first launched Beetlestone has generated the support of 115 signatures.


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