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APP SHAKE UP: Taxiapp bins monthly subscription fees for 10% commission fees

Driver-led taxi booking Taxiapp has drastically changed its business model by binning monthly subscription fees and introducing commission based charging.

Taxiapp has moved away from driver members paying a £20 per month subscription fee to a broader charging system that takes 10% commission (plus VAT) from drivers based on the value of the jobs they complete.

0% commission will also be offered to all drivers (new and current) until 31 May to entice drivers onto the platform.

A new app function that pings the closest driver, and offers jobs to one driver at a time, will also be introduced.

Supporters and members of Taxiapp will also become part of a ‘Driver Rewards’ program, which will allocate Taxiapp Reward Points. Reward Points will give cabbies a proportional share of dividends at the end of the year. The profit share aims to further reduce the cabbies' commission rate.

All current drivers with historical subscription fees will be converted to points, and the same will apply for returning drivers if they re-join before the 31 May 2022.

All drivers will share forever, in the financial success of Taxiapp.


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