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APPG EXPANDING NATIONWIDE: All-Party Parliamentary Group on Taxis set to open up membership

Updated: May 24, 2022

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Taxis is set to expand to include membership from across the country for the first time.

The APPG exists to support the taxi industry in the UK. Founded with the backing of Members of Parliament from different political parties, it raises the issues facing taxi drivers today and in the future in Parliament.

After a tough 12-months caused mainly due to the pandemic, the APPG on Taxis set out their aims for the industry in 2021. The top line priorities that featured in the 2021 programme include:

  • Supporting the taxi trade’s recovery from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic

  • Ensuring taxi and PHV regulation is fit for purpose

  • Securing the future of the taxi trade.

Steve McNamara, LTDA General Secretary, said in TAXI Newspaper: “To ensure we stay abreast of what is happening politically around the country, we plan to expand membership of our All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) to include representatives from companies around the country, and also invite their representative MPs to participate.

“We have also joined the National Institute of Licensing, which represents licensing officers from around the country. This will give us a wider overview and make us a more national and representative group in both houses of Parliament.”


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