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Approach road access to Euston taxi rank ‘a total nightmare’ says trade rep

Taxi trade representatives have praised certain features of the new Euston Station taxi rank, but described the approach roads as ‘a total nightmare’.

Paul Kirkby, Executive S.O of the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA), spoke of the opening of the new Euston Station Taxi Rank, now situated in the Eastern Gardens. The facility began operations on 7 April following an introductory event that attracted numerous taxi drivers keen to explore the new setup.

The rank, designed to maintain the previous capacity, features a dedicated drop-off area and innovative under-tarmac sensors. These sensors are intended to monitor taxi presence and relay live updates to matrix screens outside the station, informing drivers of available spaces.

However, Kirkby highlighted significant access issues from the West. Despite repeated alerts during the planning stages, the concerns appear to have been disregarded. While access from other directions remains straightforward, the western approach suffers due to restrictive traffic regulations, exacerbated by past accidents unrelated to taxis.

Additionally, Kirkby reminded drivers of the operational yellow box junctions, which are under camera surveillance with penalty charge notices (PCNs) actively enforced. He advised drivers to ensure a clear exit before entering these junctions.

Kirkby said in TAXI Newspaper: “Although the rank is very nice to look at, getting to it from the West is a total nightmare. This concern was brought to the attention of all the bodies involved in the development of the rank at every stage, but obviously it fell on deaf ears.

“From the North, access into the rank from Eversholt Street is fine. From the South, from Upper Woburn Place is also OK, as is from the East via right into Churchway.

“It’s from the West that there is a major issue, as we cannot turn left into Eversholt street or Churchway. This we are told, is due to previous accidents at these junctions, which by the way, did not involve taxis.

“When you take either of the two totally ridiculous detours required, your passengers will either see the station on the left as you queue to turn right into Upper Woburn Place and then drive AWAY from the destination, only to return sometime later at the exact same junction, or they will see the station in the distance, straight ahead of them, while you turn right at UCH and into Gower Street, before weaving your way up to the station through Tavistock Square and Upper Woburn Place. Then, with potentially angry passengers at the extra time it has taken and also with an unnecessary extra cost to them.

“As it’s still early days, let’s hope that common sense prevails and easier access from the West is given to taxis, but again, don’t hold your breath.

“Also, and very importantly, the yellow box junctions both in Upper Woburn Place/Endsleigh Gardens and Eversholt Street/Station entrance are camera enforced and are live with PCN enforcement active, so please do not enter them unless your exit is clear.

“For disabled passengers and others with accessibility needs, we can still use the old taxi rank where they can meet the station staff for help and assistance.”


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