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Are Uber about to launch a new service that lets you hire drivers for odd jobs around the house?

Ridehail giants Uber is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow its users to hire people to do everyday tasks using the app.

According to Bloomberg, Chore will enable users to hire "taskers" for certain tasks, similar to how TaskRabbit works. Users will have to specify the task they need to be completed, such as appliance repair, cleaning, or moving assistance, as well as when they want their tasker to show up and how long it's expected to take. The app will then calculate a fee for the task before allowing the user to book someone.

Users who patronise the Chore section will also enjoy a major perk that comes with Uber's ride-hailing and meal delivery offerings. They can input the address of where the task should be performed and track the progress of their tasker in real-time.

It is worth noting that Uber has not officially announced any details about Chore yet. It is possible that the feature gets scrapped before even going public, as companies often consider implementing new features that do not eventually make it to the users.

If Uber decides to launch Chore, it will enter a new territory and compete with existing platforms like TaskRabbit and Angi, which have a roster of people willing to do tasks and errands for customers.


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