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ARE YOU COMPLIANT? New TfL taxi and private hire regulations go live on 1 July 2024

A series of stringent new Transport for London (TfL) regulations aimed at enhancing the safety of passengers using taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) will go live next month.

Effective from 1 July 2024, these changes follow a comprehensive consultation and form part of the Government's ongoing efforts to safeguard vulnerable passengers.

Mandatory Self-Reporting for Licensees

From July 2024, all taxi drivers, PHV drivers, and operators will be required to inform TfL of any arrest, charge, caution, or conviction within 48 hours. This update aims to ensure that TfL is immediately aware of any legal issues that may affect a driver's suitability to carry passengers.

Compulsory Complaint Signage in Vehicles

In a bid to streamline passenger feedback, all licensed taxis and PHVs will be required to display clear information on how to lodge complaints with TfL. This signage will be affixed by TfL during the vehicle's annual licensing inspection. The regulation also mandates the inclusion of no-smoking signs, seatbelt reminders, and specific safety notices. From 1 July 2025 it is up to the licensed owner to make sure all appropriate signage is displayed.

Enhanced Criminal Record Checks

Starting from July 2024, any individual applying for or renewing a taxi or PHV driver’s licence who has spent three months or more in a foreign country in the last decade will need to provide a Certificate of Good Conduct. This step is intended to fill gaps in background checks and ensure a higher standard of driver accountability.

Regular DBS Checks for PHV Operators

PHV operators will face increased scrutiny with a new requirement for annual basic DBS checks. These checks must be completed on the anniversary of the licence issuance date and will be critical in maintaining a robust and trustworthy operator network.

Booking and Dispatch Staff Record-Keeping

New rules will require PHV operators to maintain a register of all booking and dispatch staff, retaining entries for 12 months. This measure is designed to enhance accountability and ensure operators are fully compliant with safety regulations.

Detailed Booking Records

PHV operators will also need to include additional details in their booking records, such as the names of individuals handling bookings and dispatches, along with the PHV driver's licence number and vehicle registration mark. This will provide greater traceability and transparency in the booking process.

These regulations are part of a broader effort to implement the Department for Transport's statutory standards, which are being gradually introduced to improve overall safety and service quality in London's taxi and PHV sector. Further changes are expected to follow, ensuring the city's transport network remains secure and reliable for all passengers.


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