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AROUND THE TAXI TRADE: Learn more about Safety as a Standard (SaaS)

Safety as a Standard (SaaS) are an awarding and consultancy body that promotes, enhances, monitors, and audits safety standards for companies within the taxi and private hire and wider ground transportation industry.

Its goal is to make the industry safer and help establish in the near future one solitary national standard throughout the industry, eliminating all the different multi standards and processes that exist, thus in process raising safety standards and awareness in helping drivers, fleets, and the community be more focused in protecting the industry and be more safety conscious no matter where or which part of the country you apply your trade today or in the future ahead.

The SaaS training courses and programmes are specially developed and aimed at every individual in taxi and private hire, whether you are a hackney or private hire driver, fleet operator or management, no matter what your background, the SaaS training programme is tailored to the very highest standard to educate, create awareness, and an understanding of the ramifications of non-compliance of vital key areas in the industry such as, Sexual Harassment, Safeguarding, Mental Health Awareness, LGBTQ+ Awareness, Data Protection, Drug Trafficking Awareness, Anti-Money Laundering, Conflict Management and much more.

SaaS CEO Dacian Keran and Anand Dave the SaaS Business Development Manager are both passionate about the industry and said: “We here at SaaS, don’t just talk about safety, but we act on it every day from every angle, pushing to raise the standards of the industry and pushing SaaS to become a national standard where everyone associated to the industry whether it be management, driver or the community are all in a better place in awareness and more importantly safer.

“At present the SaaS training programme has seen and is growing a SaaS culture, by which we mean that fleets as well as industry associations across the country are either supporting or incorporating the SaaS training programme as part of their safety training culture.”

“Fleets such as Rachel Dale and the team of AAA Taxis Hertfordshire, Aqeel Arshad and the team of Street Cars Manchester have already taken the steps on safety training and awareness by embracing the SaaS programme, as has Jacqueline Nickels and the team of TULDA, an association seriously taking steps in wanting the entire area of Torbay to be safer and more safety conscious.

“Further support to the SaaS training programme comes from and working with David Lawrie, director of NPHTA and S.A.F.E Systems CCTV with whom SaaS are official members of the association, as also members of the LPHCA and working with Steve and Alan Wright and their entire team.

“Outside of the affiliation with industry associations and fleets we also have strong and growing partnerships with companies who believe in SaaS and together working for the better of the industry of tomorrow such as with Gary Jacobs and the team of Eazitax, Daniel Price of Jyrney and many others.

”As part of Safety as a Standard’s on-going commitment to safety and raising safety standards and awareness we continuously aim to work with all drivers, fleets, and associations as well as independent supporters of our primary goal. Created special Corporate Membership Routes and individual choice of training programmes because there is no substitute for safety and only in collective unisons, we can all have an industry that has a cohesive training programme for all, no matter where you are but most importantly the paramount of safety and awareness being the benchmark for all.”


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