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Astonishing moment London licensed minicab reverses through gates and wall of luxury home 

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Muswell Hill Police have released footage showing the shocking moment a London licensed private hire vehicle reverses through the gates and retainer wall of a luxury home after the driver loses control.

The white Toyota Prius, sporting a Transport for London private hire licence sticker, can be seen slowly moving backwards down a tight road and turning into a side street.

The vehicle then, without any warning, speeds up in reverse gear and crashes through the driveway gates of the North London home, and then continues straight through a brick wall before slamming into a parked van back out on the street where it started.

Sharing the astonishing footage on social media, Muswell Hill Police said: "Had to attend a Road Traffic Collision whilst out and about today. Having looked at the carnage I think I was wondering how he managed it as much as the people who popped down for a browse and a chat. It took a bit of explaining but now having seen the footage all is revealed."

Although at first watch, it may seem almost comical, it was a miracle that no one was walking along the footpath or in the driveway. If there was, then this could've ended tragically.

This is definitely one of those incidents that needed to be seen to be believed. On this occasion, thankfully no one was hurt, except the driver's pride and probably his licence.

Image credit: Twitter - @MPSMuswellHill


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