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Authorities could ask taxi drivers to ENHANCE STANDARD of driving as part of licensing proposals

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Local authorities could demand taxi and PHV drivers to ENHANCE standard of driving as part of new licensing guidance proposals.

Local authorities could be urged to demand taxi and Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers ENHANCE their standard of driving as part of new licensing guidance proposals created by the Government.

The Government recently opened up a 12-week consultation to update vital Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) guidance supplied to local authorities to better cope with new digital ways of working following the boom in ride-hailing services.

Within the latest proposed guidance, the Government suggests improved standards of driving proficiency would be considered ‘appropriate and proportionate’ alongside other elements of licensing.

In the consultation version of the new Taxi and PHV Licensing Best Practice Guidance, the Department for Transport (DfT) suggests: “The Road Safety Statement published in 2019 stated that “The need to improve road safety does not end with the driving test; nor does it exclude those who drive or ride professionally or as part of their job.” Licensing authorities should require taxi and private hire vehicle drivers to evidence a higher degree of driving ability as would be expected of a professional driver.

“The application of a higher standard than private motorists is considered appropriate and proportionate and is consistent with other elements of taxi and private hire vehicle driver licensing, e.g. medical and vision assessments.”

The DfT first issued best practice guidance to licensing authorities in 2006 and this was refreshed in 2010.

It has now been recognised that much has changed in the taxi and PHV industry and the time has come to update the guidance to ensure it reflects new ways of working, new technology and feedback from interested parties.

The consultation will run for 12 weeks from 28 March until 23.45pm on 20 June 2022.


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