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"AVOID PEDICABS OR UNLICENSED MINICABS" says Met Police in public warning

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The Metropolitan Police have issued a warning to the general public to avoid using pedicabs and unlicensed minicabs in the capital to remain safe and free of extortion.

In a tweet posted by the Mets Hammersmith and Fulham Team, a spokesperson said: "Always use a booked & licensed minicab, taxi, bus or underground.

"Avoid pedicabs or unlicensed minicabs. There will be no record of your journey or driver, and it puts you at risk of attack, including sexual assault and robbery."

The Met's dedicated safe travel advance webpage also details what forms of transport to access and which ones to avoid, pointing out that unlicensed minicabs are not insured to carry paying passengers so therefore can leave you unprotected from cover in the case of an accident.

The webpage also points out one of the biggest risks of taking a pedicab, which is the extortionate prices that can be charged.

It states: 'These are legal but be careful as some drivers have been known to demand extremely large sums of money for very short rides.'

TaxiPoint recently reported on an incident where a pedicab passenger was being charged £180 for a journey which should have only been £18. According to Soho Police, who tweeted about the incident, they had to intervene and assist the passenger because the pedicab rider had purposely entered an extra zero on the card machine.


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