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Bank Junction delivers ‘significant reduction in collisions’ says Khan when quizzed on taxi access

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Bank Junction has delivered a ‘significant reduction in collisions for vulnerable road users and improved bus journey times’ says Mayor of London when quizzed on future black cab access.

The City of London Corporation (COLC) confirmed in April that a review will take place that could see restrictions on black cabs and other drivers crossing through Bank junction on weekdays lifted.

In a motion passed at the Court of Common Council, elected Members agreed to review all traffic restrictions currently in force. It will look at specific justifications for the restrictions and whether schemes comply with existing policy.

Currently only buses, cyclists and pedestrians have been allowed to access Bank Junction between 7am and 7pm on weekdays since 2017.

In 2018 the COLC most senior decision-making body voted to make a 16-month experimental safety scheme at the Bank junction, which excluded taxis, permanent.

Since then taxi drivers and passengers have complained of longer journey times and high priced fares, especially for disabled users who regularly rely on wheelchair accessible black cabs.

Assembly Member Keith Prince asked the Mayor of London: “Given the proposed reduction in the speed limit across the City of London it seems perverse to exclude a mode of transport with an exemplary safety record.

“Will the Mayor also be willing to enter into a dialogue in a bid to open up Bank Junction to the taxi industry given the taxi industry's impeccable safety record at that junction?”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, replied: “The current ambitious improvements at Bank Junction have delivered both a significant reduction in collisions for vulnerable road users and improved bus journey times, and I supported the scheme on this basis.

“The City of London Corporation is the highway authority for Bank Junction, and any future changes are a matter for the Corporation to consider. However, as the junction forms part of the Strategic Road Network, Transport for London will review and assess any changes proposed to the highway network here on my behalf.”


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