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Barnsley authorities crackdown on non-compliant taxis and PHV both in and outside their licensing area

Barnsley Licensing Officers took action against non-compliant hackney carriages and private hire vehicles during a recent enforcement operation.

The operation, conducted on 2 March 2024, focused on vehicles operating within the borough, especially those active in the town centre's nighttime economy. A total of eight vehicles were inspected during the night, including six licensed by Barnsley and two by external authorities, Rotherham and Wolverhampton.

The results of the inspection were telling. Four vehicles were found to be non-compliant with the licensing standards; issues ranged from improperly displayed licence plates to faulty lights. Furthermore, three drivers received written warnings for failing to complete mandatory daily check books.

Despite these infractions, all drivers approached during a simultaneous test purchase operation conducted in the town centre were compliant, indicating a mixed level of compliance among licensees.

The Assistant Director to the General Licensing Regulatory Board, reported the need for continuous proactive and reactive enforcement operations. The report highlighted the importance of vehicle and driver compliance with established licensing standards, stressing that safety should always be the top priority.

The report said: “Vehicle and driver non-compliance is an issue Officers are concerned with during the undertaking of every enforcement operation. Regardless of which authority issued the licences, defective vehicles are not acceptable and cannot be excused and officers will continue to pro-actively enforce both the legislation and our local conditions accordingly.

“Proactive and reactive enforcement operations will continue to take place on a regular basis. Vehicle failures are always unacceptable, and our enforcement operations must convey the message that operators, vehicle proprietors and drivers must accept responsibility for any failures and make a change. All Licensing Authorities have clear standards that must be adhered to as failure to do so may put the safety of the public at risk when using a hackney carriage or private hire vehicles.

“The principal consideration for all is, as always, one of public safety.”


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