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BELOW THE CAP: Rules relaxed in East Dunbartonshire to encourage more taxi operator applications

Updated: May 22, 2023

East Dunbartonshire Council is encouraging applications for new Taxi Operator Licences to increase the number of vehicles available locally.

On 30 September 2019, a cap was introduced on the number of Taxi Operator Licences issued by the Council. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of local licences has fallen below that cap.

The Council is now inviting applications for approximately 80 licences. To ensure the opportunity is open to all, you can apply for up to two operator licences.

To help support applicants, the Council has – for a temporary period – relaxed the requirement to own a vehicle prior to applying for a licence.

Applicants do not need to complete the purchase of a vehicle until it is confirmed that a licence will be granted although you will have to provide the make and model of vehicle you intend to use to ensure that it is permitted.

Once confirmation has been given that all checks are complete, you will then need to submit full vehicle details, including registration number, insurance information and proof of ownership – prior to the licence being granted and plates being issued.

Applications received after the cap has been reached will be added to the Council’s waiting list. The application itself will not be processed and any fee will be refunded.

Councillor Gordan Low, Convener of the Policy and Resources Committee and Council Leader, said: “Taxi services are vital for many people and businesses within our local communities. We’re working with the trade and potential new operators to ensure there’s an adequate supply of vehicles to help residents and employees get around safely. If you are interested in applying for a licence, please get in touch.”


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