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BEST AND WORST LONDON TAXI RANKS: YouTuber reveals what makes a good and bad rank

Updated: May 8, 2023

Image credit: Tom Hutley (YouTube)

Taxi driving YouTube sensation Tom Hutley reveals London’s best and worst train station taxi ranks in his latest video.

The popular black cab driver who has amassed over 55,000 YouTube followers runs through the pros and cons of two of London’s most used cab ranks.

The well-designed Paddington train station rank tops Hutley’s charts for its ability to house a large quantity of cabs at one time and its easy filtering system at the front of the queue. Unsurprisingly, Euston train station was seen less favourably. The temporary rank picked up the wooden spoon for its poor design and lack of access exiting the taxi rank.

Hutley’s YouTube channel has been a massive hit with viewers ever since it first launched in March 2020. The London black cab driver and qualified taxi guide completed the ‘Knowledge of London’ in 2017 after 3 years of studying. Four years into the job he now has a fast-growing channel on YouTube and has recently launched his own blog.


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