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BEWARE OF THE HEAT: Six items you shouldn’t leave in your taxi or car this summer

As temperatures soar this week, drivers are being urged to think twice about what they leave in their cars. Common items, when left in the heat, can become surprisingly hazardous, warn motoring experts at and

While it's well known that children and pets should never be left in a vehicle due to the risks, fewer people realise the dangers posed by everyday objects like bottled water. With a heatwave expected to break this year’s high of 32.2°C set in June, the spotlight is on the risks associated with leaving items inside a hot car.

Studies indicate that on a moderately warm day, the temperature inside a car can exceed 50°C. This not only leads to damage but also poses serious safety concerns. Here are six items that experts say should never be left in a hot car:

1. Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles can release harmful chemicals into the water when exposed to high temperatures. Opt for BPA-free bottles or choose reusable metal or glass alternatives to avoid this risk.

2. Suncream

Essential for summer, suncream can break down in the heat, losing its effectiveness in protecting against UVA rays. In some cases, the packaging can even explode, causing a mess.

3. Sunglasses

Leaving sunglasses unprotected can lead to scratches, warping, and discolouration of frames and lenses. Ensure they are stored in a case to avoid damage.

4. Canned Drinks

Fizzy drinks left in a hot car can explode due to rising temperatures, creating a sticky, smelly mess that can ruin your car’s interior.

5. Medication

Many medications are temperature-sensitive. Drugs like insulin and antibiotics need refrigeration, while others like Calpol shouldn’t exceed 25°C. Always check packaging for proper storage instructions to avoid losing their effectiveness.

6. Mobile Phones

Overheating can damage a phone's battery and functionality. Cars can reach internal temperatures much higher than the outside, posing a risk to any electronics left inside.

Tim Alcock from said: “Many Brits are unaware of the dangers of leaving certain things in the car when the weather is hot.


“Most of us have been used to British summertime being a bit of a damp squib, but this week we have seen much higher temperatures, unusual for September. 


“Drivers need to ensure that they are aware of hot-weather motoring risks as items such as mobile phones can be quickly damaged and their lifespan shortened when left inside hot cars.


“Plastic water bottles can become dangerous, so it’s best to buy a BPA-free bottle or a reusable one. Medication can also become less effective once left in the heat - so it’s essential to check the packaging on how to store.


“Throughout this weekend it’s best to clear out your car and remove any items which could be hazardous.”


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