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BEWARE THE MODS: Drivers warned against illegal car modifications

In a bid to clamp down on illegal car modifications, Absolute Reg, a leading authority on number plates, has issued a stark warning to motorists. With an increase in the trend of personalising vehicles with flashy additions, drivers are being reminded that such changes could see them on the wrong side of the law.

The firm has highlighted several popular modifications that could not only endanger the safety of the driver but also lead to significant legal repercussions. These include the addition of neon or tinted lights, darkly tinted windows, non-compliant number plates, excessively noisy exhausts, unconventional spoilers, and risky engine alterations.

Headlights altered to emit neon or excessively bright lights are pinpointed as a major safety hazard, distracting other road users and potentially leading to accidents. Similarly, window tints exceeding legal limits obscure visibility and are thus illegal, with violators facing prohibition notices or even court summons.

The legalities surrounding number plates are also under scrutiny. Absolute Reg underscores the importance of adhering to strict regulations regarding size, spacing, and visibility of characters on number plates to avoid penalties.

Noisy exhausts, another common modification, are capped at a noise limit of 74 decibels. Any modification aimed at increasing exhaust noise beyond this threshold is not only a nuisance but also illegal, attracting fines and mandatory removal of the modifications.

Spoilers, often added for aesthetic or performance reasons, must also comply with safety standards. Those that are deemed unsafe due to poor attachment, sharp edges, or excessive size could result in fines and immediate removal orders.

Engine modifications, especially those aiming to increase performance through means such as nitrous oxide, are highlighted as particularly dangerous. Such alterations not only pose significant safety risks but also contravene legal standards, leading to severe consequences for the motorist.

Jake Smith, Director of Absolute Reg, said: “Many motorists and car enthusiasts like to improve their motor with modifications. 


“There are lots of modifications which are completely legal, including sound system upgrades, light window tinting and adding a personalised number plate. 


“However, overly tinted windows, non-compliant number plates, loosely attached spoilers and neon lights are all modifications which could land motorists in hot water. 


“Before making any changes to your vehicle, we urge you to do your research and ensure you stay within the law. This way, you can drive safely and avoid any costly fines or consequences. 


“It is important to remember car ownership can affect your ability to make modifications. If you want to make changes on a car bought with finance, you will need to check in with your finance provider first and get written permission.”


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