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BIG PLANS: TaxiPoint celebrates 50th magazine edition amassing over 4million taxi industry reads

TaxiPoint has reached another huge milestone with the publication of its 50th digital magazine edition this month.

The industry’s trusted UK publisher thanked readers and advertisers for their support throughout the 50 editions which has amassed over 4 million reads since its creation.

The digital platform has plans to expand the distribution of its news offering in 2023 with the aim of partnering with industry stakeholders.

The latest edition contains a wealth of exclusive content including:

Perry Richardson, TaxiPoint Founder, said: “Since 2017 TaxiPoint have provided the taxi industry with a unique voice amongst huge mainstream media outlets on global news aggregators and newsstands.

“We are able to secure interviews and interest at Government level through to the important grass roots. This edition provides another spotlight on a great variety of industry opinions and information.

“We have worked hard to successfully licence work to index on professional databases like Moody’s, Reuters Thomson and Nexis Lexis. The industry now has a trusted platform to be referred to and quoted.

“TaxiPoint is run on a shoestring budget compared to other newsrooms achieving similar success. Six years on from the beginnings of TaxiPoint, we believe we’ve proven our worth as a neutral platform within the industry. We have never favoured one particular side of an argument, and we present reports in a fair way for the reader to form their own educated opinion.

“Thank you to each and every reader, advertiser and person that has supported TaxiPoint to this point. There’s lots more to come, with a focus on distribution coming next. We want to unite an industry and reach every possible trade worker throughout the UK, supplying them with the latest trusted information and news.”


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