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BILKER ALERT: London taxi drivers warned of serial west London runner

London taxi drivers have been warned of a serial west London bilker after multiple reports of a well dressed young man doing a runner from black cabs without paying.

Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) Executive SO, Lloyd Baldwin, said in TAXI Newspaper: “Recently in Taxi, I have been reporting about a regular bilker, operating in and around the Cromwell Hospital. Our member Ray, who originally reported this to me, has now attended Hammersmith Police station and given a full statement. He was also asked if he was willing to attend court, which he is. Hopefully, this means the Police are about to nick this repeat offender and stop him taking hardworking cabbies for a ride, once and for all. Ray has told me he will keep me informed.

“The Cromwell Hospital seems to be a bit of a danger zone for us. I have had reports of another younger bilker, who sounds like someone else anyone working the area should look out for.

“According to a driver who wrote in, on Saturday 5 June at 3pm, this man hailed him outside the Cromwell Hospital. He asked to be taken to Harries Street, which is off Kilburn Lane and then onto Paddington station. During the journey, he mentioned that he was from Stoke and a regular cab user.

“Upon arrival at Harries St, he told the driver that he would quickly grab his suitcase and return. Instead of going into one of the houses, he walked to the corner of Kilburn Lane and appeared to be waving at someone in one of the flats. He then walked on, so driver decided to turn around and look for him. There was no sign of him and after waiting for 20 minutes the driver gave up and left.

“One of this driver’s friends has since confirmed that he too has been bilked by this man, after being hailed by him on Kensington High Street last winter. There have also been further reports on social media that seem to refer to the same man hailing drivers around the Westbourne Grove area.

“We are told that the bilker in his early 40s, has receding fair hair and a stutter. He reportedly looks respectable and is usually wearing smart casual clothing. Be on the lookout for him, as he seems to be another prolific bilker!”


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