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Birmingham City Council warns taxis and PHV licensees after driver refuses passenger with guide dog

Birmingham City Council Licensing prosecuted a licensed driver who unlawfully refused to transport a passenger and their guide dog.

The driver (it was not disclosed whether they held a taxi or PHV licence), was found guilty and has been fined £500, in addition to being ordered to pay full legal costs amounting to £2,148.80.

The council was congratulated for its strict enforcement of laws designed to protect the rights of passengers with disabilities. Discrimination against passengers who require assistance animals is both illegal and morally unacceptable, a stance firmly supported by the city's licensing authorities.

Birmingham City Council is actively encouraging anyone who has been denied transport by a taxi or private hire vehicle due to the presence of a guide or other assistance dog to come forward and report the incident.

A spokesperson for Guide Dogs Campaigns has expressed gratitude towards Birmingham City Council for addressing this serious issue. They emphasised the importance of taxi and private hire vehicle drivers adhering to their legal obligation to carry passengers with guide dogs, except in cases where the driver has a medical exemption.

A Birmingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “A driver who refused to carry a passenger and their guide dog was prosecuted and found guilty.

“Fined £500 and ordered to pay full costs of £2,148.80.

“If you have been refused transport by a taxi or private hire - please do report them. It is illegal and unacceptable.”

A Guide Dogs Campaigns spokesperson added: “Thanks for taking action on this very serious issue. It's essential that drivers meet their legal obligation of not refusing to carry passengers with guide, and other assistance dogs, unless medically exempt.”


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