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BIZARRE! A chance meeting between taxi driver and passenger reunited a painting lost in a black cab

A bizarre chance second meeting between a London taxi driver and a passenger allowed a lost painting to be reunited with its grateful owner.

Black cab user Ina Drouven sadly misplaced a painting when travelling in a black cab back in May. A fluke meeting with the same driver meant the cabbie was able to point her in the direction of where her lost painting was being stored.

The cabbie, known as Ian, had taken the painting to a police station for safe keeping after finding it in his cab. The distraught passenger completed all the necessary forms, but there was no match until now.

Both the passenger and driver recognised each other straight away. Ina has now been reunited with her painting after the driver kept hold of the receipt.

Ina Drouven said on social media: “In May, I lost a painting in a cab. I filed forms but never heard back.

“By chance, I got into the same cab again & Ian remembered me!

“He had handed it to the police & even kept the receipt. Today, I was reunited with my painting! Ian if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!”


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