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Black taxi found JAMMED on tram tracks halts service for nearly three hours

A black taxi STUCK on tram tracks in Birmingham halted the city centre service for nearly three hours this morning.

The black cab found jammed in the rails was captured by travellers stuck just outside St Chad’s tram stop in Birmingham city centre. West Midland Metro first alerted riders of the problem at 8.15 this morning.

Police officers were called to the incident. It remains unknown how the taxi got stuck on the tracks.

It wasn’t until nearly 10.30am that a normal tram service resumed after the vehicle was removed from the tracks.

West Midland Metro said via social media: “Due to a vehicle stuck on the tracks, trams are not currently operating between St Pauls and Library.”

The incident was captured on social media by shocked onlookers. ‘RJ About Birmingham’ shared three images of the beleaguered cabbie and the police officers attending the scene this morning via social media.

Image credit: RJ About Birmingham (@AboutBirm)


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