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WATCH: Black taxi skid-mark inducing donuts part of Red Bull Racing Honda ‘Best of British’ shootout

Image credit: Red Bull Racing Honda

In preparation for the British Grand Prix, an on-track shootout against some of Britain’s most iconic forms of transport took place against a super fast Red Bull Racing Honda Formula 1 car.

The ‘Best of British’ battle brought out some iconic members of British transport history, including a black taxi, red double decker bus and even a Supermarine Spitfire.

With the Spitfire, black cab and red bus confirmed, Red Bull completed the list of vehicles that embody British culture by adding a car packed full of summer festival-goers, and that notorious symbol on the British roads, the white van.

Against the hand picked list of British icons was the Red Bull’s double F1 championship-winning RB7 to take on the big beasts of British transport in a fight to the finish line ahead of this weekend’s race.

During the meet the black cab even managed time to thrill on the tarmac by performing skid-mark inducing donuts!

Located just up the road from Red Bull Racing Honda’s Technology Campus in Milton Keynes, the British Grand Prix is a hugely significant race for the Team and for its drivers as Max explains.

Video credit: Red Bull Racing Honda

“The British love their motorsport, which is special to see, so I’m always very happy to be in the country, but of course to be at Silverstone is even better. It was great to see all of these typically British vehicles on track with the RB7 and I hope the fans enjoy this bit of fun before the race at the weekend.”

Red Bull Racing Honda CEO and Team Principal, Christian Horner added: “I think Silverstone is going to be a big challenge. It’s been a stronghold of Mercedes for several years now, but it’s another opportunity to see how we perform on a different track. And of course, with the first of the new Sprint Races this year it’s going to be a new event format and extra points are available. Whatever happens it’s going to be a really exciting weekend and we are ready for the fight.”

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