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Bolt Business enquiries up and shifts to peak-time demand as UK workers head back to the office

Image credit: Bolt

Data released by ride-hail giants Bolt reveals the impact that the easing of work from home guidance has had on commuting hours and transport preferences in the UK.

According to Bolt’s data, more commuters across the nation are using ride-hailing to get to and from work since the easing of restrictions last month. The morning rush hours of 7-9am saw a 24% increase in rides across Bolt’s nationwide service, while the evening hours of 4-6pm saw a 19% increase.

Looking at regional specific trends in their data, Bolt saw rides in London rise by almost a third (31%) during peak commuting hours, while demand in Cardiff increased 55% and rides in Birmingham were up by 10% in the week following the easing of work from home guidance.

Employers were also doing their bit to encourage city workers back to offices, as Bolt saw enquiries spike by 400% for its Business offering.

In the capital specifically, Bolt’s data has shown that Londoners are starting their days earlier as they head back to the office, with February’s busiest hour so far being 8am whilst January’s was 9am. Perhaps wanting to avoid the hustle and bustle after a busy day in the city, rides in the capital between 5-7pm increased by 55% month-on-month, with 6pm being the peak hour, while the morning commute reported an increase of rides by 18% between 7am and 9am.

Sam Raciti, Regional Manager, Western Europe at Bolt, said: “The pandemic has changed our habits in many ways, but as we learn to adapt and return to a new form of normality, it’s clear that Brits are finding new ways of getting from A to B, or from their beds to their desks. We’re also seeing businesses take greater interest in providing their employees with perks such as company accounts to help them get to work and back safely. Bolt is always on board to help riders travel safely, affordably and sustainably.”


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