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Bolt could face ‘serious questions’ over London licence if they don’t give drivers workers’ rights

London’s Transport Lead has urged private hire vehicle (PHV) operator Bolt ‘to give workers the rights they deserve’ or face ‘serious questions’ over their licence to operate in the capital.

GMB Union welcomed the call made by City Hall’s Elly Baker who also went on to question the operator’s accountability for driver safety.

Elly Baker, Transport Lead at City Hall, tweeted her statement for the ride-hailing firm to 'up their game on the working conditions for drivers'.

GMB Union is currently taking Bolt to court on behalf of drivers who are allegedly being denied their workers’ rights.

The union won a similar case against Uber in the Supreme Court last year. Uber now pays all 70,000 drivers holiday time, automatically enrols them into a pension plan and ensures they will earn at least the minimum wage.

The move has cost Uber an estimated £600 million.

In the statement released by Elly Baker it reads: “It's time for Bolt to up their game on working conditions for drivers. I support GMB members bringing cases to Bolt and to the employment courts if necessary.

“Bolt drivers do not have guarantees on minimum earnings, do not have holiday pay, or the right to be represented at work, meaning they can be removed from the app by the employer without union support. Bolt also do not accept responsibility for driver safety.

“Last year's landmark Supreme Court case pushed Uber to provide its workers with basic rights, and has rightly set a precedent as to what Londoners can expect from these providers.

“Bolt should adopt these standards and give their workers the rights they deserve.

“Otherwise the firm faces serious questions over its licence to operate in London.”

Martin Smith, GMB National Organiser, said: “The High Court ruled some years ago that drivers working for app-based taxi firms had worker status - therefore the right to minimum earnings, paid holidays and sick pay.

“It’s time Transport for London created a level playing field by making all companies play by the rules.

"We need to end the race to the bottom on terms and conditions led by companies like Bolt.

“GMB is pursuing this through the courts on behalf of our members, but we urge Bolt to meet us to work together to fulfil their legal obligations.”


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