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Bolt extends ‘Pet’ category for ride-hailing customers across 15 UK cities

Image credit: Bolt

In a bid to cater to the needs of pet owners, ride-hailing platform Bolt has launched a dedicated ‘Pet’ category, expanding its services to 15 more cities across the United Kingdom.

After a successful trial in London in September, Bolt became the first ride-hailing platform to offer this specialised service in cities such as Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Newcastle.

With an estimated 13 million pet dogs and 12 million pet cats in the country, more than half of all UK households own a pet as of 2022. This substantial pet ownership has translated into significant spending power for pet-related products and services. In 2020 alone, pet owners in the UK spent nearly £8billion, a considerable increase from £2.9billion in 2005.

Recognising the potential demand, Bolt expects the new dedicated pet service to be highly popular among pet owners. Furthermore, as the days grow colder and darker, the overall demand for ride-hailing is expected to continue rising. With the ‘Pet’ category fares slightly higher than regular ones, there is an opportunity for drivers to increase their earnings.

Under the new service, passengers with a single booking are allowed to bring along two small pets, including small to medium-sized dogs, cats, and other common household pets. However, for passengers with assistance dogs, the 'Pet' category is not necessary as their furry friends are already accommodated by law.

Passengers are encouraged to use Bolt's in-app call and messaging functions to inform drivers about their pet's breed and size. Bolt has also provided passengers with guidelines, recommending the presence of a blanket during the ride. While cats and dogs are not required to be caged, other household animals should be safely secured.

It's important to note that participation in the ‘Pet’ category is optional for drivers. They can easily choose to opt out of the service by unticking the category in the Bolt Driver app. For those drivers who remain in the service, they will be able to see if a passenger is requesting the ‘Pet’ category and can accept, decline, or ignore the request based on their preference.

As Bolt expands its dedicated ‘Pet’ category to 15 more UK cities, pet owners can now travel with their furry companions seamlessly and conveniently, bringing them peace of mind during their journeys.

Markian Iwaniw, Senior Operations Manager at Bolt, said: “Research told us that over half (51%) of dog owners say the main reason they own a dog is because they make them happy*. It’s my pleasure to play a small role in reciprocating this love for dogs and all other domestic animals with our dedicated ‘Pet’ category, especially as it continues to get darker, colder and wetter. Just make sure you’ve got a blanket on you if a certain someone has enjoyed the mud and puddles a bit too much!”

Which 15 cities are launching the Bolt ‘Pet’ category?

Bolt has launched the ‘Pet’ category in:

  1. Birmingham

  2. Bristol

  3. Cambridge

  4. Cardiff

  5. Derby

  6. Edinburgh

  7. Leicester

  8. Manchester

  9. Milton Keynes

  10. Newcastle

  11. Nottingham

  12. Peterborough

  13. Portsmouth

  14. Sheffield

  15. Southampton


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