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Bolt services suspended in Belarus and more than £4million pledged to help Ukrainian people

Image credit: Bolt

Ride-hailing firm Bolt will donate 5% of every order made in Europe to Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) which also includes the Red Cross.

The move to help those effected by the Russian-Ukraine conflict is expected to raise more than £4.1million (€5million) over the next fortnight. The first €1million was transferred to good causes on Tuesday.

The ride-hailing giants that originate from Estonia, which neighbours Russian borders, have also moved quickly to suspend all ride-hailing operations in Belarus. Bolt have also removed all Russia-manufactured and Russian-branded goods from Bolt Market stores and will be donating them to charity.

Bolt have also reduced driver commission to zero within the Ukraine and are urging drivers working in neighbouring countries to Ukraine to assist in moving people safely away from the war-torn country.

A Bolt spokesperson said via their blog: “We are doing our best to keep our services in Ukraine functioning to assist with movement in these difficult times.

“Last week, we reduced the commission for all our services in Ukraine to zero. We have incentivised our drivers in Poland and Slovakia to accept rides on the Ukrainian border to transport people to safe destinations.”


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