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Bolt teams up with TomTom in bid to enhance ridehailing and delivery services

Image credit: TomTom

TomTom, renowned for its location technology, has announced a new partnership with Bolt, a leading mobility company, in a bid to enhance its global ride-hailing and food-delivery services.

Operating in over 500 cities across Europe and Africa, Bolt serves more than 150 million customers. In an industry marked by fierce competition, Bolt aims to maximise driver, courier, and customer satisfaction through this latest partnership, while improving operational efficiency.

Key to this strategy is the use of advanced route optimisation tools, ensuring drivers and couriers always know the exact locations of their customers and arrive on time.

To achieve precise travel times and accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs), Bolt will utilise TomTom’s traffic data. This data is derived from anonymised speed information collected from over 600 million connected devices each day, covering billions of driven kilometres. TomTom’s real-time data empowers Bolt’s routing algorithm to calculate journey times accurately and optimise routes for the millions of trips made daily by its partners. This optimised routing leads to better time management for partners, ultimately enhancing their earnings.

Additionally, TomTom’s products integrate seamlessly with Bolt’s existing technology, allowing Bolt to use its resources more efficiently.

Markus Zimmermann, Bolt Head of Platform, said: “We look forward to working with TomTom and leveraging their traffic solution to improve the experience of drivers, couriers and customers on the Bolt platform worldwide.

“So far, we have seen remarkable results using TomTom Traffic. Bolt’s business runs on accurate estimations, and with TomTom Traffic, we saw up to 15% improvement in travel time estimations, resulting in greater partner earnings, as well as improved service quality and reliability for Bolt riders and eaters.”

Mike Schoofs, TomTom Chief Revenue Officer, said: “We are proud to empower Bolt’s operations with our best-in-class Traffic product.

“With Bolt contributing local knowledge on events and closures to our data, we harness the collective expertise of our partners to deliver high-quality, reliable location and traffic information that offers improved end-customer experiences and increased operational efficiency.”


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