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BOLT UP NEXT as ADCU join forces with legal firm for UK app driver workers’ rights claim

Image credit : ADCU/Pixabay remixed

The App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU) have announced they are working alongside legal firm Dallas McMillan to challenge ride-hailing app Bolt to seek a compensation package for private hire drivers in the UK.

The ADCU, who took on and beat Uber in the Supreme Court over workers' rights, is now representing Bolt drivers in the same legal challenge for employed worker status.

Being classified as employees rather than independent contractors, Bolt drivers would be entitled to:

  • National minimum wage

  • Statutory minimum level of paid holiday

  • Protection against deductions from pay

  • Protection against discrimination

  • Protection when 'whistleblowing'

Claims for backdated unpaid holiday pay and minimum wage will also be sought if their legal challenge is successful.

The ADCU scored a landmark victory against Silicon Valley tech giants Uber, winning the rights for their drivers to be entitled to all of the above.

During the verdict, the court criticised the controversial contracts Uber "forced their drivers" to sign, saying they: "can be seen to have as their object precluding a driver from claiming rights conferred on workers by the applicable legislation."

Yasmeen Aslam, lead claimant against Uber in the past, said: "I just joined the claim against Bolt for worker status and backdated holiday pay through the ADCU. If you drive for Bolt then take action and join today."

Bolt, the Estonian born ride-hailing app, announced at the start of this year, their largest ever funding round to further scale its existing products. The £523 million investment round will be used to "accelerate the transition from owned cars to shared mobility," the company said.

The company also increased its prices in the capital, just months after its main rival Uber did, due to tighter regulations and a shortage of drivers.


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