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Book Release: Taxi Tales from Paris

You can now hail a ride through the highs and lows of Paris, with ex-pat and Paris resident Nicky Gentil’s witty new book.

Taxi Tales From Paris is not your typical account of what happens when you move to another country, an option that is looking increasingly alluring for many of us. Nicky Gentil’s memoir, inspired by Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik, offers the reader an original insight into life in the French capital because, as the title suggests, everything is seen through the prism of her most memorable taxi rides taken during the thirty years she has lived there.

Nicky Gentil (née Jenkins) is a British national who, back in 1988, moved to Paris to begin her career as a translator and has lived in the French capital ever since. Today she divides her time between writing books (first in French), translating her books into English and performing piano jazz in public whenever she can.

The book is described as entertaining, with some delightful comic touches, Gentil’s tales cover a wide variety of subjects such as her love of her adoptive country, the cultural differences she frequently encounters, the joys of parenthood, or indeed her ever-present passion for jazz, to quote but a few examples.

From Taxi Tales from Paris:

“Half an hour later the taxi pulled up in front of Fabrice’s house, at which point the cabdriver turned to me and exclaimed: ‘Wow! You didn’t look anything like that when you got in the car. You look really beautiful now! (Thanks a bunch, I thought!) What’s changed? What’s different about you? Did you put some makeup on?“

RELEASE DATE: 28 January 2020 ISBN: 9781838592370 RRP: £8.99


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