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Boom in London visitors sees Black Cab advertising media resurgence, says start-up CAB-E Media

A booming tourism industry and shift to physical advertising space has seen taxi media return to advertiser strategies, says black cab start-up firm.

London is the most visited city in Europe and Visit Britain have forecasted that in 2023 41% of people visiting the UK will go to London – equal to more than 14 million people.

The tourism industry in London is booming, and 2023 will only build on the world's fascination with the UK’s capital. The King’s Coronation weekend alone will see an estimated increase in visitor numbers of 3 million people.

With the world’s eyes on London, increased visitor numbers to the city mean that brands are overhauling their advertising and marketing strategies in favour of physical advertising as an alternative to the over-saturated and competitive digital space. As a result, London’s Black Cab drivers have seen a resurgence, allowing brands a cost-efficient and effective flexible advertising medium.

Offering a fair-trade model, CAB-E Media is a new London based start-up, founded by Jayne Alexander formerly marketing director at Virgin Management and owner of 25-year-old Mayfair based media agency Dovetail, along with Jack Dredge, a London cab driver and former owner of a Knowledge of London School.

CAB-E Media support consumer brand launches with fleets of branded black electric cabs for the Spring/Summer period when London will be buzzing with the King’s Coronation, Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon Tennis, and Freize Art Fair.

CAB-E Media create iconic stand out adverts that capture the public of London. In 1 week of a black cab circulating zones 1 and 2 they are seen by an audience of up to 850,000, 64% of which are city professionals.

Jayne Alexander said: “London is preparing for its busiest Spring and Summer yet – the King’s Coronation alone will be one of the City’s momentous occasions so there is real opportunity for cabbies to capitalise on increase in visitor numbers. Black cabs, synonymous with the London landscape, is the perfect platform to advertise and to capitalise on this increased footfall, allowing brands to be seen amongst highly increased visitor numbers.”


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